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musicthatsucks's Journal

Music That Sucks
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Here's a community for discussing crappy music. What is crappy music? Any bands or genres of music listed in this community's interests suck. Sorry, but they do. Also, there are many more crappy bands out there, but there's only 150 interests allowed. Any bands that the moderators say suck, suck. This is not open for debate. Please, however, feel free to post about any other crappy music that isn't listed. If you say that a good band (again, up to the moderators) sucks, you'll receive a warning... further offenses will lead to being kicked out of the community.

The ONLY exception is when the moderators disagree on what sucks... but as long as no one mentions Eminem, this will probably never happen.

Community maintainer and moderator: manicpop
Moderator: bobbymcr
Moderator: delmonte

Posts are also judged on a "point system"... good comments will recieve plus points, bad comments will obviously recieve minus points. This is done by the moderators, of course. At the risk of being like that idiot Drew Carey, these points don't really do anything and are "just for fun."

And now -- while this may seem like common sense to most -- I, the community maintainer, am going to point out that you shouldn't spam this community and post advertisements for other communities. This note was added on the recommendation of vivicavamp -- please visit vivicavamp's journal and post a link to your favorite community in a comment on the first available post. Thanks!
311, a*teens, aaron carter, ace of base, alanis morissette, allister, american hi-fi, amy grant, andrew w.k., ashanti, avril lavigne, backstreet boys, baha men, barry manilow, barsha, blink 182, blues traveler, bombshell rocks, bon jovi, bright eyes, britney spears, c+c music factory, cash money millionaires, celine dion, christian metal, chumbawamba, cinderella, clutch, collective soul, crazy town, creed, custom, dashboard confessional, dave navarro, debbie gibson, def leppard, default, destiny's child, dirty vegas, dishwalla, disturbed, dixie chicks, dmx, dogstar, dropkick murphys, drowning pool, e. town concrete, enrique iglesias, eve, eve 6, everclear (post-1995), everlast, extreme, faith hill, fenix tx, finch, fun lovin' criminals, get up kids, good charlotte, hammer, hanson, hoobastank, hootie and the blowfish, insane clown posse, instant winner, ja rule, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, justin timberlake, juvenile, kid rock, kmfdm, korn, kottonmouth kings, kylie minogue, len, lenny kravitz, lifehouse, limp bizkit, linkin park, lit, lou bega, madonna, marcy playground, marky mark, master p, matchbox 20, mdfmk, mighty mighty bosstones, moby, mudvayne, mxpx, n-sync, nelly, nickelback, nine days, nkotb, no doubt, not even close, oasis, orgy, p.o.d, papa roach, phunk junkees, poison, prodigy, puddle of mudd, puff daddy, r. kelly, rancid, ratt, ricky martin, roy orbison, ruckus, ruff ryders, savage garden, saves the day, seven mary three, shaggy, silverchair, sisqo, sixpence none the richer, ska-core, slipknot, smash mouth, something corporate, spice girls, squirrel nut zippers, staind, static-x, sublime, sugar ray, sugarcult, sum 41, ted nugent, the bacon brothers, the cranberries, the kingston trio, third eye blind, three doors down, tim mcgraw, tlc, toby keith, trisha yearwood, uncle kracker, usher, vanilla ice, voodoo glow skulls, will smith (solo), zebrahead